Samba Dancer

Includes previously unreleased remix!

Royalty Free Music

from Virginia Culp

This is the Samba Dancer collection of Royalty Free music, by Virginia Culp.  It has a wonderful, festive, tropical feel to it!  If you are not familiar with Ginny's music, it is HIGH quality, professionally recorded with the finest equipment.  It has rich layers you don't usually get with the royalty free music available on the market today.

You can use this music for your projects--youtube videos, website videos, background on audios, and much more--and you don't have to pay royalties later on!  You just purchase this set one time, and use it all you want, within the usage rights.  (NOTE:  You don't get to claim copyright.  Please see the accompanying document for specifics about the rights, or send us a message with specific questions.)

Audio samples will be added soon. 

We have purchased a resale rights license that includes the original tracks in this collection—plus, Ginny has created 1 90 second remix never before released, available only right here, from us

Your purchase gets you both the tunes originally released, plus the new remix!

You get the following with this collection:


1 minute 17 seconds

1 minute 35 seconds

14 seconds

24 seconds

Loop 1 (10 seconds)

Loop 2 (10 seconds)



90 seconds


Make your projects stand out with music that's a cut above the norm!


Samba Dancer


Royalty Free Music from
Virginia Culp

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